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412 Resolutions!

Just Mediation Pittsburgh is proud to announce that we've reached 412 resolutions! JMP staff and community mediators have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to dedicate their time and skills to help the community avoid evictions and find solutions to a multitude of housing disputes. We couldn't been more excited to report that over 412 participants have identified ways to successfully resolve their housing disputes through mediation! These cases have included situations where tenants were behind on rent and through successful communication during mediation, landlords and tenants then created resolutions that satisfied the needs of both parties. Our community mediators have facilitated cases where habitability issues were a concern, and the landlord and tenant were previously unable to successfully address the issues together, but reached an agreement through mediation. Other cases have involved lease violations, discussing end of lease terms, pet lease violations, and establishing communication expectations. JMP works in collaboration with a Resource Navigator from RentHelpPGH to provide referrals to other resources and service providers as needed! We want to ensure that tenants and landlords have the information they need to successfully access resources and work hard to make referrals that will provide assistance. Onward towards 724 successful mediations!

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