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Just Mediation Pittsburgh is a local nonprofit organization that provides mediation services for tenants and landlords. Mediation is always free, confidential, and voluntary. Please select the appropriate option below to request mediation. 

Due to an unprecedented demand for mediation, please be aware that wait times for a callback may exceed 2 weeks. Please submit an intake form using one of the links below and a member of our staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

Please do not submit multiple forms or leave multiple messages, as that will reduce our ability to respond in a timely manner. We will respond to all mediation requests and voicemails in the order they were received.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Request Mediation

Landlords, tenants, and support people can submit requests for mediation using the buttons below. Please select the option that best describes your role in the requested mediation.


Once a form has been submitted, a member of JMP's staff will be in contact with you. 


If you are a support person who is referring a tenant for mediation, our staff will contact the tenant directly.

Support Person

Eligibility Requirements

  • There cannot be a current court filing related to the mediation request. Landlords must withdraw court filings to be eligible for mediation.

  • The tenant's address must be in Allegheny County or the City of Pittsburgh

  • With few exceptions, the tenant must have an income level below 80% Area Median Income (see chart below)

Screenshot 2024-05-07 165041_edited.jpg

Good Faith Participation

By deciding to join mediation, both sides commit to being fair and open by actively talking to each other when issues arise that could impede a successful mediation process. JMP provides a mediation service as an option to going to court for eviction cases. So, when people choose to be part of our program, we expect them to try mediation before going to court.

What to Expect

Unlike eviction court, mediation provides a space where both parties have a hand in crafting an agreement that is reasonable and realistic for their particular situation. 96% of cases that go to mediation come to an agreement. Agreements often address disputes involving rental arrears, breakdowns in communication, lease breaches, habitability concerns, and other housing related concerns.

Neutral Mediators in a Virtual Setting

A neutral, third-party mediator will facilitate each mediation, guiding a conversation that allows both the tenant and landlord an opportunity to have a discussion and create solutions for their housing concerns. This meeting will take place virtually over Zoom, and can be accessed by phone call if one is not able to access a video call. 

Resource Navigation

Just Mediation Pittsburgh does not provide rental assistance, but mediation participants will be connected to a Mediation Resource Navigator (MRN) from RentHelpPGH. The MRN will contact the parties prior to mediation to determine if they are eligible for any assistance. If the parties are eligible for resources such as rental assistance, the MRN will assist them with collecting documentation and completing the application requirements.

Preparation Before Mediation

Prior to the mediation, the landlord and tenant should be prepared with any relevant documentation, such as a lease, payment receipts, photos of damages, etc. Additionally, multiple sources will be contacting parties before mediation, including the mediator, the Mediation Resource Navigator, and Neighborhood Legal Services. These conversations are essential to prepare for mediation, so be sure to answer communications from unknown numbers in the weeks leading up to your mediation.

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