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General Inquiries

Please fill out this General Inquiries Form if you have a question related to something other than requesting mediation or becoming a mediator. A member of our staff will be in touch. 

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Cancel or Reschedule Mediation

If you already have a mediation date, please be aware of Just Mediation Pittsburgh's cancellation and rescheduling policy.

If your mediation is more than two weeks away:

Please contact the intake specialist you spoke to when scheduling your mediation to discuss cancelling or rescheduling mediation. If you do not have their email or phone number, you can contact 412-228-0730 or

If your mediation is less than two weeks away: 

Generally speaking, we will send an email with the Zoom link and the name of your mediator two weeks before your mediation date. Due to our high case volume and the nature of scheduling a mediation, JMP will not reschedule your mediation if you do not contact us more than two weeks before your mediation. ​

If you do not attend your scheduled mediation: 

Just Mediation Pittsburgh will not reschedule a mediation if one or both participants do not attend at their scheduled time. 

If you do not come prepared to your mediation: 

Just Mediation Pittsburgh expects participants to come prepared with proper documentation relevant to your mediation (lease, ledgers, receipts, etc.). If you are unprepared and mediation is not able to proceed, Just Mediation Pittsburgh may need to cancel your mediation and rescheduling cannot be guaranteed. 

Exceptions may apply in the case of emergencies or extraordinary situations. 

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