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We believe mediation elevates underutilized community capacity to equitably address complex social issues.

Our Story

Just Mediation Pittsburgh is a community-centered hub for resolving housing disputes between landlords and tenants. Established in 2020 amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we offer an alternative approach to conflict resolution and provide an opportunity to resolve conflict outside of the traditional court system. Our skilled mediators create a neutral setting where landlords and tenants can find common ground and resolve their conflicts amicably.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to conflict resolution. We firmly believe that empowering individuals with the tools for constructive dialogue paves the way for impactful and positive outcomes. Our dedicated team of community mediators forms the cornerstone of our efforts. Since our inception, we've trained over 75 community mediators, nurturing a community where peace-building, dialogue, and constructive resolution thrives.

Operating exclusively remotely, our program leverages virtual mediation sessions conducted via Zoom. Participants have the flexibility to engage via video or phone, supported by our staff who ensure all parties are ready to participate in their mediation.. We're committed to making the mediation process as accessible and convenient as possible for all involved.
In collaboration with local service providers such as RentHelpPGH and Neighborhood Legal Services, we ensure our participants have access to a wealth of community resources. These partnerships bolster our efforts, enabling participants to tap into programs tailored to their diverse needs.

Meet The Team

Board of Directors

Selina Shultz, President

Betticlare Shimada, Treasurer & Secretary

Bernie Behrend

Ellen DeBenedetti

Jerome Jackson

Wasi Mohamed

Kyle Webster

Daniel Zorub

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