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What We Do

Just Mediation Pittsburgh is a nonprofit dedicated to helping landlords and tenants find solutions to housing disputes.

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  • Mediation is a free, confidential, voluntary process in which a neutral mediator helps people find solutions to their housing dispute.

  • It provides an alternative to court and allows you to solve your problems rather than a judge.

  • JMP Mediations are conducted over a videoconference and are scheduled at a time that is as convenient for you as possible.

  • Mediation allows for your voice to be heard and gives you an equal share in shaping the outcome.

Signing Contract

Steps to Mediation:

1. Referral to jmp

Landlord and/or tenant completes an intake form or contacts JMP requesting mediation.

JMP staff calls both parties to determine if mediation is appropriate.

Community mediator calls both parties to prepare and answer questions about the process.

Mediation (up to 3 hours) to create a shared, legally binding agreement with the other party.

JMP staff follows up two months after the mediation.

3.pre-mediation call

5. follow up

4. Virtual mediation

2. Phone call

JMP Flyers (Click to Download)

Mediation, avoiding eviction, free mediation
Mediation, avoiding eviction, free mediation
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