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Using Mediation to Solve Your Housing Disputes

Mediation is a free, confidential, voluntary process in which a neutral mediator helps people find solutions to their housing dispute. A mediator does not serve as a judge or lawyer, but simply facilitates a dialogue that helps mediation parties better understand each other and construct positive solutions for themselves. If an agreement is reached, it is enforceable in court but the details discussed in mediation are confidential.

On Your Side

Just Mediation Pittsburgh mediates housing disputes between landlords and tenants in the hope of preventing an eviction filing or an eviction order with the courts. A few reasons you might want to choose mediation include

  1. You have a dispute with your landlord that is putting your housing at risk

  2. ​Uncertain life circumstances require you to negotiate a way forward

  3. ​A tenant or landlord needs assistance managing a housing conflict

  4. ​A tenant or landlord thinks a mediator would help them resolve a communication breakdown

A Mutually Beneficial Process for All

Sometimes tenants may feel like their Landlord is not on their side or understand what they are going through. Mediation helps tenants see that their landlord is making an effort to find a resolution outside a court. This can make them feel more inclined to enter into a payment agreement and continue their residency. Taking tenants to court can result in the tenant harboring negative feelings towards the landlord which can in-turn have them “skip-out” or move at the end of their lease- something no landlord would want.

Serena Kumar had never heard of Mediation in her 15 years of Property Management. The Property Management Director at Brandywine Communities did not know what to expect, but hoped for a positive outcome; an end result being that of resolution for both parties.

“The process was pleasantly straightforward and simple as JMP did all the hard work. JMP staff contacted tenants, explained the process of mediation to the tenants and scheduled the mediation appointments. I felt having JMP as a neutral third party involved in the process helped create the bridge between us, the Landlord and our tenants,” said Ms. Kumar.

It was beneficial to her as a Landlord. There was no need to pay for attorney fees or court costs, or spend precious time and energy on a legal process.

The Top Reasons to Choose Mediation

  1. FREE​ service

  2. An alternative to court that allows you to solve your problems rather than a judge

  3. ​Involves neutral ‘third parties’ called mediators who are trained to help parties talk directly and decide how to settle their differences​

  4. Accessible, and it is scheduled at a time and place that is as convenient for you as possible

  5. ​Faster and easier to understand than a court process​

  6. Mediation allows for your voice to be heard and gives you an equal share in shaping the outcome

Eligibility For Mediation in Allegheny County

Just Mediation Pittsburgh mediates housing disputes between landlords and tenants in the hope of preventing an eviction filing or an eviction order with the courts. To be eligible to participate in a mediation, tenants must:​

Reside in Allegheny County or City of Pittsburgh​

With few exceptions, have an income level below 80% Area Median Income (see chart below)


Just Mediation Pgh is here to help in English and Spanish. Contact them today to see if they can help you for FREE!

Email: | Phone: 412-228-0730


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