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Workplace Facilitation

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Conflict in the workplace?


Just Mediation Pittsburgh offers facilitation services to help address conflict in the workplace. Facilitation takes place in a group setting and allows participants to discuss conflict in a structured and productive environment. Our JMP facilitator will guide the conversation to discuss existing conflict, communication issues, emotions, and more. Our goal is to help your staff learn conflict resolution skills and gain the ability to resolve issues together. 

Examples of facilitation participants include: 

  • Staff members within the same organization

  • Separate organizations facing conflict or hostility

  • Community groups and conflicting organizations

  • Small businesses having conflict among one another

  • Differing faith groups facing conflict among themselves or with other agencies

Location: Facilitation can take place in person, or online over Zoom. 

Cost: Contact JMP to discuss your case and we will develop a quote for your facilitation. Nonprofits may be eligible for a discount of up to 35%.

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